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The Wrigley Mansion’s stage was tiny, only enough room for the guitarist and a percussionist.The Mansion’s version of packed is not your normal night club’s capacity; packed for them would be 75 bodies.” I knew that trying to reason with a man who had had about five drinks too many would be a challenge, but I told him I wasn’t bothered by that, I was upset that he was trying to pick up other ladies right in front of me.Then his Chris Farley voice came out and he started bellering that everyone was talking to other girls and that he only did what everyone else was doing.However, I could tell that this crowd ran at a different pace than I did – most of guys had well-groomed eyebrows and the same style of button-down shirts with embroidered designs over one shoulder as if they had an elaborate underlying tattoo that could not be contained by fabric alone.

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At one point it was eight guys and myself in our little group.

The only way I can describe his appearance is that he looked like the love child of Chris Farley and Guy Fieri; henceforth I will call him Chris Fieri.

He was mostly bald and the remaining hair he had he dyed fluorescent blonde.

It’s human nature to notice attractive people around you.

We are drawn to those who have perfectly symmetrical features, just as we subconsciously recognize symmetrical patterns in spider webs and leaves that grow on plants.

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    In my thirties, however, it's been made clear that my perspective was all kinds of off; those obstacles were not impediments to forward movement, but rungs on a vertical ladder. The monarchy of my life's plan made resistant to typical means of classification.