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The distance to Santos is approx 13km, to Ilhabela 135km, to Ubatuba 213km, to Paraty 288km, and to the port in Angra dos Reis 387km.

The city and island of Guaruja is a popular beach resort among Brazilians, with both urban as well as desert beaches.

But for those that give priority to convenience and security, we arrange TAXI service as well between Guaruja and Sao Paulo, and for budget travelers it exists public buses.

The annual mean temperature stays around 18ºC – with a maximum of 27ºC, and minimum of 15ºC.

It is also a good start of a travel along the green coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

As it is quite close to the airports (Guarulhos and Congonhas), it is an alternative of overnight instead of stay in Sao Paulo City.

Instead of staying in Sao Paulo City, a stay in Guaruja will be more pleasant, as you will feel the fresh air from the sea, take sun on the beach and stroll or bicycle along the beach promenade.

Every year the island hosts competitions of sports like tennis, cycling and surfing.You are able to enjoy the sun and sea there as well, but with the advantage of the nearness to, in this case, Sao Paulo City and its airports.To go to Guaruja takes only one hour and will cost you less (money & time) then traveling to other beaches on the north shore.By Road: It is possible to go to Guarujá via the Imigrantes Highway (SP-160) or via the Anchieta Highway (SP-150).Packtours rent cars, which is recommended for the more experienced traveler, (advantage to be Portuguese Speaking).

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